Managing Woods with Protected Species

For woodland management purposes, most birds are protected species. The Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981 prohibits the ‘intentional killing, injuring or taking of any wild bird and the taking, damaging or destroying of the nest (whilst being built or in use) or eggs’. So although it’s not illegal to work in your woods in […]

Countryside Stewardship Application Deadlines

The 2018 application deadlines for Countryside Stewardship  are earlier than in previous years.  There continues to be a rolling window for applications for woodland management planning and tree health support grants.  However the deadline for CS woodland improvement grant applications this year has already closed.  The deadline for Mid-Tier CS applications is 31st July but application packs must […]

Unmanaged woodland

Woodland Management Plan

‘If you go down to the woods today …… many woodlands are dark, overgrown and quiet. Too many of our woodlands are neglected, mis-managed or under-managed’. These are the conclusions of the charity Plantlife in their report ‘Forestry Recommissioned: Bringing Woodlands back to life’. The report goes on to explain that lack of management may […]